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All About Gill

Gillian Pelkonen - Gill with the G

Gillian Pelkonen is an artist constantly searching for pristine + creative sounds.

She holds an M.A. in Audio Arts and a B.A. in Creative Writing & Television, Radio + Film from Syracuse University.

She has the pleasure of working at reputable commercial recording studios in the New York area & has assisted for engineers such as Elliot Scheiner, D. James Goodwin, Paul Antonell, and Ariel Shafir.

Gillian makes waves as a female-identifying sound engineer (and then strives to leave gendered ideas on the control room floor). She uses her voice to teach no B.S. audio + empower everyone who has stayed away from recorded sound due to fear and intimidation.

What is more universal than music & sound?

- Gill

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Gillian releases music under the name Gill with the G

Feel free to listen to her music on all streaming platforms.

Want to sound better?

Gill with the G

Gillian Pelkonen is a musician & audio engineer based in New York. She makes her own music and is always looking to collaborate. As an Audio Engineer, she helps people elevate their sound, and specializes in techniques that enhance natural vocal texture & dynamics (aka the best parts of your unique voice).


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