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Oh how I love cows

There are a few cows that live near me and I have been visiting them. They are gentle giants and much more curious than I ever would've expected! I head on over to their little area, yell hello to the cows, and wait for them to make their way across the pasture to me. Often people remark about how I live upstate and life is different. It never feels like it, but for all my NYC folks, this is definitely going to sound out there...but I love spending time with them. They are so much bigger than you would think, and it is truly meditative to look into their eyes and just share in the curiosity and wonderment they feel when seeing me. They have no agenda, no schedule, and no problem sitting around all day. I envy the cows & hope to one day find that kind of peace.

- Gill

I heard a woodpecker in the tiniest tree say, “If anyone can make it, it’s you and me.” - Charlotte Cornfield, You & Me

Best of the Month

I'd like to think that audio engineers specialize in manipulating sound, which is why I found it utterly infuriating that I had barely any control over my computer sound. In a dream world, I could control the volume of apps within my computer & be able to mix them as I please, which was not an option until I found SoundSource by Rogue Amoeba. This app is incredible, and the company has many more products that allow for sound sorcery within your computer configuration. It allows for individual volume control of every program & app on your computer + individual output configuration. This has been a game changer for my multitasking brain and some of the best money I have spent for my WFH sanity.

What I'm Reading

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Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman

This is the first time management book I've encountered that doesn't encourage you to hack your sleep schedule, multi-task, or try to fit more into your daily routine. It stresses the value of time and how little we actually get (if we're lucky). The average life span is 4,000 weeks...which isn't a lot. The book is meditative, thought provoking, and leaves you with an a better understanding of where you might want to put your energy to stretch whatever time we have left.

What I'm Listening To

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My Favorites

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Other people being awesome...

You and Me by Charlotte Cornfield this song. I may be biased because I worked on it, but holy shoot is this one an ear worm. The drum beat, Charlotte's lyrics. It is one that should be blasted with windows down on early spring & summer days. I will be sun kissed in a Subaru listening to this one. And get ready for the full album "Could Have Done Anything" coming out May 12th, 2023 >>

Halloween by House Plants

Working on this song was such a treat! It is one of my first full mixes out in the ether. Working with House Plants was so fun since I had a hand in recording, producing, and hanging with the band. They are awesome, and be sure to follow them on Instagram to keep up with their live appearances if you're a Long Island local >>

Cornfield, C. (2023, March 8). Charlotte Cornfield - you and me (official video). YouTube. Retrieved March 30, 2023, from


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Gill with the G

Gillian Pelkonen is a musician & audio engineer based in New York. She makes her own music and is always looking to collaborate. As an Audio Engineer, she helps people elevate their sound, and specializes in techniques that enhance natural vocal texture & dynamics (aka the best parts of your unique voice).


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