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Releasing music after 2 years...

June by Gill with the G Available Now!

Written, produced, and mixed by Gillian Pelkonen

Maybe in June

The process of writing, recording, and finalizing a song is not a short one. And like anything, they say it gets easier with time. I haven't gotten to that point yet, but I do watch & participate in records getting made a lot, so I've learned a thing or two.

The sessions I've been involved in over the past 2 years have shaped the music I'm making now. Every project I've assisted, sat in on, or engineered can be heard in one way or another in this music.

June is a song I wrote during the pandemic as a wish. It was hoping for plans or a future that wasn't guaranteed. I hope you enjoy it, or cry to it. Whichever feels more relevant.

- Gill

"I miss you already, and you didn't even get a chance to leave..."

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June available on all streaming platforms now!


Written, Produced, and Engineered by Gillian Pelkonen >>

Recorded over the past 2 years at Dreamland Recording Studio, the Isokon, and Newhouse Studios

Gill with the G

Gillian Pelkonen is a musician & audio engineer based in New York. She makes her own music and is always looking to collaborate. As an Audio Engineer, she helps people elevate their sound, and specializes in techniques that enhance natural vocal texture & dynamics (aka the best parts of your unique voice).


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