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Brooklyn (Only Rains) Available Now

Brooklyn (Only Rains) by Sarah Gross Released on October 20th, 2022

Recorded + Co-Produced by Gillian Pelkonen at Dreamland Recording Studio & Isokon

Ready for sad girl fall?

Sarah has been a long time collaborator and friend of mine. We started singing together in college and performed countless times together in each others' bands at Syracuse University. Now that both of us have graduated and moved into the professional side of music making, I am honored to have been involved in recording this song (and many more! stay tuned...)

As my first professional release, it only felt right for it to be with such a good friend and whose music and personality I know and love so deeply. Congrats Sarah!

- Gill

"I'd like to find an end but I don't know where to begin." - Sarah Gross

Mixed by: Sarah Gross

Recorded/Produced by: Gillian Pelkonen & Sarah Gross

Mastered by: Gabi Grella

Album Art: Nick Peta

Piano: Nick Peta

Guitars: Jackson Masters & Sarah

Percussion: Ian Yates

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Gill with the G

Gillian Pelkonen is a musician & audio engineer based in New York. She makes her own music and is always looking to collaborate. As an Audio Engineer, she helps people elevate their sound, and specializes in techniques that enhance natural vocal texture & dynamics (aka the best parts of your unique voice).


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