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Self Discovery September

A white bowl with bread salad in it
Panzanella = Bread Salad!

Eat, Play, Love

Food, like music, is wonderful, complex, artful, and can bring up memories immediately. This month, I embarked on the journey to connect with Italian cuisine in a way that reminds me of my Italian-American upbringing, honors the authenticity of my ancestors, and adds a bit of my personality and cooking style to it.

The beauty of upstate NY in late summer into early fall is that there is an abundance of fresh, delicious produce all over, which made this journey a bit simpler.

What is your heritage & how do you connect to it? What does food mean to you? What does music mean? And what will you be playing + serving at your early Fall dinner parties?

- Gill

Best of the Month

While I never was very into the movie Call Me By Your Name, I always loved the soundtrack and scenery. The main character of that movie will always be Italy...and Sufjan Stevens (although he never appears his music is the backdrop to many magical moments, and his original music was integral to the atmosphere of the cult classic film.)

For anyone who wants to feel like they are in Italy, basking in late summer sun, put on this playlist and just relax over a good book or in front of a simmering pot of fresh tomato sauce. The music is nostalgic and relaxing. Beautiful and daunting. And if you need something to do, make a delicious and authentic Italian-American meal alongside my favorite YouTube chef Laura Vitale.

My September Favorite Songs...

What I'm Listening To

Check out the full + ever evolving playlist on YOUTUBE, SPOTIFY, or convert to your preferred platform via TUNEMYMUSIC >>


Other people being awesome...

"Blonde Phase" by Shallow Alcove

It is always a joy to turn on music and hear one of your best friend's voices singing front and center. My love for Grace and her band Shallow Alcove only grows as they evolve, and this single is definitely a transition from their old to a fresh, new sound. Give them a listen! >>

"Fade into You" by Melt

I have been a fan of Melt's catchy melodies and powerhouse vocals for many years. This is single sounds pristine and is what I hope to be a prelude of more new music to coming soon. Check them out! >>


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Gill with the G

Gillian Pelkonen is a musician & audio engineer based in New York. She makes her own music and is always looking to collaborate. As an Audio Engineer, she helps people elevate their sound, and specializes in techniques that enhance natural vocal texture & dynamics (aka the best parts of your unique voice).


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