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Where'd all the Time Go?

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The shortest month of them all

February is short and sweet, with Valentine's Day smack in the middle. Commercial holidays come and go in my household. I did put up a bunch of heart shaped garland on the 14th, busted out my heart shaped dishes & bowls...but as quickly as the 14th passed, the 28th arrived. What did I get done this month? Does it matter? Wintertime in New York is about surviving and praying more hours with the sun. Spring is coming...I can feel it.

- Gill

"She's on the go, way too fast and way too slow" - Dr. Dog

Best of the Month

I have been rewatching (and finally finishing) one of my favorite TV shows from when I was growing up: Pretty Little Liars. For those who do not know, it is a teen drama mystery that has become a guilty pleasure of mine. I religiously watched the first season (so much so that with the rewatch, I had almost all the episodes memorized). It is good old fashioned early 2010s TV in the sense that each season had 25 episodes instead of the 8-12 we get now.

The music placement is incredible, and really it is a nostalgic, comfort watch for me while I'm getting things done around the house or doing mindless work. It has been interesting to see how life was in the 2010s & remember the simplicity of pre-smartphone cellphones & statement necklaces. The way I feel about characters and situations has changed, which is both interesting & fun to note.

Some other fun goodies that have come along with this obsession is a podcast interview with one of the stars, Lucy Hale + an incredible playlist of all the music from the show. Trust me, they made great music choices.

So, will watching Pretty Little Liars be the best of your month? Probably not...but if you are thinking of rewatching a show for nostalgic purposes, I say do it.

"We can look at an experience and play victim, but you have to take ownership of your life." - Lucy Hale

What I'm Reading

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The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie

This book isn't a cover to cover read, but instead a short daily read. It has 365ish prompts (they include leap year dates!) that offer affirmations + a small mantra to take into the day. These affirmations are centered around codependent mindsets & people pleasing. They help me start my day the right way and often give me an idea or feeling to journal about. My one critique is that there is some religious language in the mantras, but I just ignore it since the rest of the book is secular and includes important messages.

My Favorites from this Month

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What I'm Listening To

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Other people being awesome...

Beloved by the Lucky Valentines

This was the perfect song to come out on Valentine's Day. It is a sweet tune about love. This was such a fun, grooving song to work on and Jamie's voice is perfect. Only a few more months until the full album is here!

Old Bones by Shallow Alcove

Grace's voice was always meant to be to be surrounded by beautifully strumming acoustic guitars. This is a song about previous versions of ourselves, changing, looking back on what once was. "Old Bones" reminds me of what Shallow Alcove once was and is during live performance - a group of friends with acoustic guitars singing haunting songs disguised in uptempo melodies and satisfying harmonies.

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